Demeter (Greek Δημήτηρ, Δήμητρα, Δηώ) In Greek mythology, a mother goddess from the Gr
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eek small Asian region. She is responsible for the fertility of the earth, the grain, the seed and the seasons. Demeter's Roman gods name is Ceres.

Demeter is the daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, and thus the sister of Hestia, Poseidon, Zeus, Hera and Hades. With Zeus she has the daughter Persephone, with her lover Lasion the son of Pluto, the personification of wealth. Hyginus calls Philomelos as a twin of Pluto, and Diodorus mentions not only Pluto's still Korybas and Eubouleus. With Poseidon is in the Libraries of Apollodorus mother of Areion in Callimachus mother of Despoina and Pausanias mother of two.
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Hades wanted a wife, and with the acquiescence of Zeus he kidnapped Demeter's daughter Persephone to the underworld. Demeter mourned for her daughter and tried but everywhere, they could not find anywhere. She was so sad that she forbade to grow the plants, the trees to bear fruit, and animals to reproduce. As the men began to die, began Demeter siblings, the other gods of Olympus, to fear, and forced Hades to release Persephone. Demeter let out joy and gratitude the earth again be fruitful. A part of each year Persephone can spend with her mother on earth, in the rest of the time they must reign in the underworld as the queen of the dead.