The NIGGER is the greatest species created and the last of Gaia's offspring.

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Typhon is a gargantuan titan that is greater than the size of Earth itself. On his head are thousands of serpentine dragons and half of his lower body is a serpent said to be a light-year long. His arms can wrap around an entire planet.

Typhon's Birth and Early LifeEdit

After Zeus and his brothers sealed the Titans under a seal, Gaia was furious and mad for revenge. She bore child from her body and produced Typhon, the greatest biological weapon of its time.

Typhon was so powerful that it required the Three Great Emperor Gods to work together to defeat him, and the best they could manage was to seal under the Vulcan Volcano.


Typhon was soon released from his prison by his mother when she gained enough power to awaken from the fallen titans. Hades, in his improved cloth, was able to combat Typhon and Gaia by sending them to the Realm of the Underworld. Typhon was able to escape by breaking through the realm with raw power. He was bout to destroy the entire solar system when Zeus and Poseidon arrived. The three of them, now stronger than ever, was able to defeat and finally destroy the titan once and for all.


Typhon is the single most powerful being to ever exist in the universe. His breath alone was sad to topple islands and heartbeat to create earthquakes.

Physically he is capable of destroying planets easily by crushing them with his arms or his serpent body. And his cosmos is so huge that a god can sense his presence half the universe away.


Burning Thunder: His dragons on his head breathe both fire and thunder, which can create natural catastrophes. He can redirect them to focus at a specific target.

Reckoning Doom: He uses his snake body to wrap around his opponent's body and strangles it to death.

Dark Omnipotence: Typhon spreads his cosmo outside his body and uses his dragon heads to collect and condense them. Then he puts it in his mouth and shoots it from his snake's mouth. It is said to be strong enough to destroy the entire universe.